2019-2020 Calendar:

November 9 – Pre-Season Party - Watch for formal announcements

January 8 – First Prime Timer ski day

January 22 – Prime Timer Lunch

February 2 – 6 – Whitefish ski trip

February 12- Prime Timer Lunch & Valentine’s Day party

March 11 – Mt. Spokane Host for area Prime Timers and St Patty’s day party

March 25 – Prime Timer Lunch & Last Prime Timer ski day

Our Websiteis the best place to find the latest news.  It gets updated often, and you can sign up and pay online for club events and membership.

As always, Gail is available on ski days in the garage room at Mt. Spokane.


The Prime Timers only exists through the effort of our volunteer staff. We will solicit volunteers for all of our socials, lunches, and the Prime Timer invitational event, usually on the day of the event. Please step and help the club continue to run as well as it can.

MAY 2019 By Dave Whipple

by Anne Irmer

The advisory board met on May 1 to review last year events and to plan for the upcoming year. The good news is that we felt good about how the club ran and aren’t planning on many changes. Dues will remain the same at $25 per person and price for the after ski social will also remain the same at $7 for beer/wine/snacks and $3 for soda and snacks. 

The volunteers who ran the club and organized the events generally haven’t changed. Here’s who’s running the activities:

President: Tom Tauscher

Treasurer: Gail Harris

Secretary: Patti Aspenwall

Coordinator/Membership/Web: Anne Irmer

Lunch: Holly Mullen

Social: Debby Allen

Newsletter: Dave Whipple



Our HOME page "WHAT'S NEW" has the the most current updates and information. It gets updated often & there may be information that has not been put into the latest newsletter.

Regional Prime Time Event (pdf)