Prior to heading out to ski, check in to pick your lunch time & ticket


February 20th - reserve by Feb. 13th  Click to RSVP 

March 27th - reserve by Mar. 20th  Click to RSVP 

                 On lunch day,  prior to heading out to ski, check in to pick up your lunch ticket.


  • We will be taking reservations one lunch at a time, for the upcoming lunch only.  
  • If dues have not been paid by the time you make a lunch reservation, you will be considered a guest and put on the wait-list.  
  • If the dues are paid within a week prior to the lunch, you will have a reserved lunch, otherwise you will remain on the wait-list and pay the guest fee of $10 for lunch if a lunch is available. 
  • GUEST LUNCHES ARE $10 - you can pay this on-line (below) or at the mountain a week in advance of the lunch they will attend.



  • Reservation deadline is one week in advance of each lunch.   Of course, you can still sign up on Wednesdays at the mountain.
  • Members will continue receiving lunch reminder emails. 
  • You will be put on the wait list if we receive your RSVP after the deadline. 


Guest Lunch


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

  • Please make Guest payments at least one week in advance of lunch they will be attending.   
  • Please include your guest name(s) in your RSVP.

NOTE:  Our PayPal setup allows one Guest payment at a time. Two guests, will require two separate $10 payments. 

Thank you!