Ski Shops donating to Prime Timers

Spokane Alpine Haus



The Alpine Haus on the South Hill  

2925 S Regal St

Spokane, WA 99223


is again donating to our Prime Timers.  Owners Rachael and Drew have been great supporters of our Prime Timers since coming to the Alpine Haus.  Please stop in and check out their great service, equipment and clothing.  If you need your equipment tuned up the one and only Fred is there to help you.  They have revamped their ski tuning shop with the newest and latest equipment to meet your needs.

Sports Creel



The Sports Creel in the Valley

12505 East Sprague 

Spokane, WA  99216 


is again donating to our Prime Timers. full-service specialty ski shop (no snowboards)

More on Local Ski Shops

Please let us know of other ski and sporting good shops we can add to our list.